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21 July 2007 @ 06:33 pm
Gun-Hee's Big Day Out  
Gun-Hee and I went to Art Beat today. It was a lot of fun, and Gun-Hee was amazing. It started out with a walk to the post office and a ride on the T. Then we stopped in at the hardware store and home before getting to Davis Square. I got lunch at one of Redbones' food booths, and settled down to watch a band called "B for Brontosaurus." Gun-Hee shared my barbeque, of course.

We stayed there for at least 4 hours, and I think we talked to about 100 people. Gun-Hee was awesome though. He only hissed at dogs...and at one little kid who hugged him before his mom or I could stop him! Thankfully, they had three cats of their own, and she was the kind of mother who scolded the kid, saying, "What the hell were you thinking - you know better than that!?" instead of the sort who blames the cat.

We also went to a yard sale, where Gun-Hee was given a little rubber lobster. We looked at craft booths (I bought a pair of pants), and there was another yard sale where I bought anatomically correct keychains, and where, unfortunately there was a very territorial dog, which upset Gun-Hee so much he hissed at me.

I think our favourite booth was the Charles River Alley Cats booth. We bought a scratchy box from them to support the homeless kitties, Gun-Hee looked at the two kittens that were up for adoption, and he camped out in their box of extra toys.

He also spent some time up a tree...seriously! He actually climbed a tree all by himself to get closer to the sparrows, and then just kind of hung out up there. It was adorable! But I had to hold onto his leash to make sure he didn't get up so high that I couldn't get him down.

Finally we went home to relax, cool off, and watch the Red Sox kick the White Sox's asses. Always a good thing.

Photos to come, of course.
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